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1. Dr. Prabhudas M. Jalsanwala LECTURER- 15-12-1988
PRINCIPAL : 24-03-2006
Principal (Economics) M.A. B.ED. M.PHIL. PH.D.
2. Shri. Jaydip I. Shah 01-10-1986 Lecturer In Accountancy (Vice-Principal) M.COM.
3. Shri. Ravindrabhai R. Chaudhari 08-01-1987 Lecturer In English M.A. M.PHIL.
4. Shri. Anilbhai M. Patel 10-01-1987 Lecturer In Phy.Education M.A. DPED. MPED.
5. Smt. Umaben M. Bhavsar 01-09-1988 Lecturer In Economics M.A.
6. Smt. Shardaben B. Patel 01-09-1988 Lecturer In History M.A. B.ED.
7. Smt. Kirtidaben K. Vyas 15-12-1988 Lecturer In Gujarati M.A.
8. Dr. Ramanbhai S. Patel 15-11-1990 Lecturer In Gujarati M.A., B.ED, Ph.D
9. Shri. Itubhai B. Kurkutia 21-01-1991 Lecturer In Gujarati M.A.
10. Dr. Bharatbhai S. Chaudhari 03-07-1991 Lecturer In Gujarati M.A., Ph.D
11. Smt. Ilaben I. Shah 10-10-1991 Lecturer In Sanskrit M.A. M.PHIL.
12. Shri. Govindbhai V. Chaudhari 18-12-1991 Lecturer In History M.A.
13. Dr. Bhanuprasad S. Chaudhari 24-12-1991 Lecturer In Hindi M.A. B.ED. PH.D.
14. Shri. Maheshbhai B. Patel 01-01-1992 Lecturer In Commerce M.COM. B.ED.
15. Dr. Ilaben B. Patel 01-12-1992 Lecturer In Gujarati M.A. M.PHIL., Ph.D
16. Smt. Sandhyaben N. Chaudhari 01-09-1993 Lecturer In Sanskrit M.A.
17. Shri. Navinbhai M. Chaudhari 02-12-1993 Lecturer In Gujarati M.A.
18. Dr. Kalpeshkumar M. Prajapati 12-12-1994 Lecturer In Hindi M.A. M.PHIL. PH.D.
19. Dr. Vinubhai V. Makwana 01-12-1994 Lecturer In Hindi M.A., Ph.D
20. Shri. Pratapbhai I. Chauhan 08-01-1996 Lecturer In Economics M.A.
21. Shri. Vajubhai C. Chaudahri 22-03-1997 Lecturer In Hindi M.A.
22. Shri Jagubhai M. Ahir 02-12-1993 Part Time Lecturer In Statistics M.COM.
Above data is updated upt to January 2019.
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